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Welcome to HHH

We give you the second chance you deserve.

We give people with a hiccup in their life’s journey an opportunity to start over again. We enable an applicant the ability to live in a Desired Home that may be close to their employment and/or school district, etc.

Stop Turning Away Potential Residents Just Because of Bad Credit

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Military & Veterans

Thank you to the military heroes who fight to protect us we have been given so many freedoms.

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First Responders

Thank you to the heroes who patrol our neighborhoods, fight fires and respond to emergencies with their courage and bravery we are safer and our homes are protected.

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Medical Personnel

Thank you to the heroes who care for us, the poor and hungry they get the care they are in need of.

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Non Profit Employees

Thank you to the health care providers who are heroes and make a difference, friends and family members are cared for.

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Educators & Staff

Thank you to the classroom education heroes, our children are loved, educated, and given a future to impact society.

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Government Employees

Thank you to civil service providers our communities and the country are a better place to live.

Get A Second Chance At Your Dream Home

How We Help

We all know someone who could use a do over, someone who makes a difference in their community and hit a bump in the road.
Hometown Hero Housing works with great communities that are located in locations convenient to your needs.
We report Hero’s on time payments and help credit scores rise an average of 60 points.
Hometown Heroes